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Admission process

The first year of study at the Event Thinking School is open to those with a Bac +3 (equivalent to bachelor's degree, 180 ECTS credits)

A few places are available to enroll directly in second year. Open to those with a Bac +4 who already have worked or spent a training period during at least 6 months in event organizing.
For a direct entry in second year, the admission process is denser, with 5 steps instead of 4.

Administrative fees: 65 euros including VAT
The first day of classes is held in early September.

Tuition fees are 6,930 euros per year.

The admission process has 4 stages:


Online registration and depose CV end letter of motivation online here under


Timed online quiz: 15 questions in French, 15 questions in English.


At the end of the 30 questions, the candidate is presented with 3 themes from which one must be chosen and written about within 10 days and on two pages (Arial size 12, 1.5 line spacing) in either French or English.


After these two tests, the best candidates will be invited for a personal interview in French and English (30 minutes).

If you are employed, you can apply for this training as part of lifelong learning,
contact us :

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