The event thinking school

Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur libre privé

The mobile school

«Events management isn't a role
that can be fully learned or mastered
in a conventional 50m² classroom.»

Each student becomes familiar with the sites and comes face to face with the venues that is the "raw materials" of any event.

Classes are held in locations that change every week. Days or weeks are "hosted" by various event sites (Convention centres - Expo parks - Hotels - Theatres - Advertiser campuses - Stadiums - Concert halls - Public places etc...). Students and contributors will spend time in these places. The educational benefits of this mobile school are multiple:

These sites are chosen for their events potential. Students and speakers can check the schedule on the App - especially developed for LéCOLE - daily updated. They can find on it the places for everyday, with the address, a map if needed, and all the useful informations. If certain sites or events require more than a Navigo pass to reach them, a transfer will be organised by LéCOLE.

The mobile school principle is essential. It provides a particularly practical approach to Event Thinking.

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