The event thinking school

Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur libre privé

Event Manager

The know-how
Technical skills
Years 1 and 2

Event Manager

The know-how-to-be
Transferable skills
Years 1 and 2

Each year includes a 6-month internship and a major individual project (internship dissertation - end of course file).

The participants

The vast majority of participants will be events professionals aware of the realities of their trade.

The school has invited these professionals to participate based on their expertise and has accompanied these experts in the creation of the courses. Articulated around the concept of Event Thinking, talks from these experts is highlighting case studies in order to enable students to experience various problems and, in the first instance, to establish how far they need to go in order to acquire sufficient skills.

Speakers come from the events, entertainment and communication industries but also from sectors which are particularly inspiring for these professions (architects - planners - theatre directors - scriptwriters - R&D engineers, etc...)

They have created the educational program for LéCOLE:

Hubert Dupuy: LéCOLE Managing Director
Olivier Mothes: Manifestory - LéCOLE Academic Officer

Valérie Bonnement: Deputy Managing Director - Hopscotch Groupe
Béatrice de Cambolas: Associate Director - Denise en Australie
Matthieu Desbordes: HR Director - Comexposium
Olivier Dudieuzère: Operations Manager - SAFIM – Marseille
Céline Forlorou: Directrice associée - Ideactif
Laure Gorin: Director of Operations - Double 2
Lionel Malard: Consultant - Arthémuse
Frédéric Pitrou: UNIMEV General Secretary
Vincent Rautureau: President - Giglam
Sébastien Turbot: Executive director, content director - Auditoire