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Event Manager by LéCOLE

LéCOLE Event Thinking School offers a two-year Event Manager course

An Event Manager is involved in the design, development and production of the event.
They are responsible for its effectiveness, its impact, its commercial return and they decide on the event's feel.

They manage a multidisciplinary team to ensure that the target audience can enjoy a unique event experience. Whether they are working for an advertiser, an events agency, a trade fair organiser, a sporting event organiser, a public or corporate event organiser, or in travel events, the Event Manager is responsible for the content, the staging, the management of all stakeholders, including all media used: exposure, stage, audio-visuals, web, etc...

As for production, the Event Manager directs and ensures the implementation of the human, material, logistical and financial elements of an event in strict compliance with all the parameters of the specification (budget, schedule, and specific content of the project...).

Creative, a leader, empathetic, rigorous and an excellent communicator, the Event Manager will control the «mechanics» of the event and will be able to «create an event» - for any type of service/product/brand/industry/community - to market it and to manage its set up.