l'Institut Supérieur de l'Evénement

Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur libre privé

Event Manager

Technical skills
Years 1 and 2

Our program is open to holders of a Bac +3 (equivalent to bachelor's degree, 180 ECTS credits)
Planning: years 1 and 2


Decide on roles for all stakeholders

Organise follow-up

Coordinate all activity

Manage the schedule

Client relations: years 1 and 2

Client relations

Mastering commercial approach techniques

Developing a network

Setting up commercial policies

Negotiating and winning client loyalty

Project management (production): years 1 and 2

Project management (production)

Understanding a partner's scope of intervention (supply chain)

Choosing a partner

Learning about the design and printing process

Learning how to use specialist software

Managing different production teams

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Understand a purchaser's strategy

Analysing backer requests

Deciding on an events strategy

Generating ideas

Creating an events concept

Mastering the art of presentation

Project management (content): years 1 and 2

Project management (content)

Developing a program and generating content

Establishing a customer journey

Managing different production teams

Contingency management

The events economy: year 1

The events economy

Understand the economics of a business

Negotiating with partners

Controlling labour costs

Measuring ROI (return on investment)

The economy of the event owner: year 2

The economy of the event owner

Displaying the event business plan

Developing a partnership policy

Establishing a ticket office

Developing additional sales

Emphasising event branding

The added value of event formats: years 1 and 2

The added value of event formats

Understanding what happens when communication itself is made into an event

Creating an experience for an audience

Understanding the psychological controls at play within the experience

Understanding gamification controls

The brand experience: year 1

The brand experience

Analysing a brand

Turning positioning into an event

Developing a promotional brand

Event marketing: years 1 and 2

Event marketing

Creating and developing an event brand

Implementing a CRM strategy

Analysing the audience

Collecting, analysing and using the data

The digital event: years 1 and 2

The digital event

Analysing the impact of social media

Creating traffic and generating event content

Creating a buzz

Controlling the impact of a connected event

Creating and managing an event community

Know the technical components

Energize virtual contents

Live a virtual experience (Gamisation – Incentive – Script writing)

Event safety - the safety of the public and teams: years 1 and 2

Event safety - the safety of the public and teams

Understanding the issues surrounding event risk prevention

Establishing a monitoring and management device

Being aware of the players involved in event security

Live event techniques: years 1 and 2

Live event techniques

Recognising the field of potential techniques

Briefing a technical partner

Reading technical specifications

Image processing: year 2

Image processing

Understanding the language of image

Analysing the emotion of an image

Illustrating a statement

Events law: years 1 and 2

Events law

Learning the principles of employment law

Mastering the ideas behind intellectual property

Insuring an event

Learning the basics of a commercial contract

Stage design: years 1 and 2

Stage design

Optimising space and commercial opportunities in a location

Showing off content and exhibitors

Using an event concept

CSR and the event: years 1 and 2

CSR and the event

Understanding a CSR strategy

Understanding an eco-friendly approach

Recognising the principles of an eco-responsible organisation



create the guide of the execution of an event

Lead the task force of the live event

Cultural and sports marketing

Cultural and sports marketing

Build a partnership file

Develop an event brand



Logistics and material flow

Public reception on all event sites